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Have you ever felt the urge to cry from knowing what lies ahead of your day?

October 30th, 2018

A day that started like many other days have started in my life; With me not wanting to get out of bed, a lump in my throat, a heavy heart... The dread of knowing that something went amiss, a wrung-out sponge. On such a day, where I would have chosen NOT to get out of bed in the past, I decided to visit my favorite hair dresser for a blowout, called one of the best makeup artists to come do my makeup, wore an expensive shirt, grabbed a bottle of champagne from my wine cabinet, called for pizza delivery and asked a local photographer to come meet me and my items at the Implosion Zone and epicenter of my sadness.

October 30th was only two days away from the date I'd chosen to close the door on my 'third child' a second location to my business. Quitting while you're ahead my friends, is not the same as quitting! There are fights worth fighting for, and in business, when the business is yours its easy to get wrapped up in the bullshit and feel like every fight is worth it, for me, this one wasn't. I felt both sad and liberated!

Not all business ideas are good, and some business failures can result in catastrophic and extremely costly legal fees. Which was the case here of course. This is how I failed as a business owner BIG TIME, I trusted the wrong people, I waited too long... I, I, I. It started with me and it ended with me, nobody forced my hand. Yes other people were involved of course, but only I can take accountability for my part in it. This is about making LEMONADE, growing and moving forward. Not all steps back are actually a step back, some are taken to gain momentum.

 Seated atop a table. Easton PA October 30th, 2018
Stoke Pizza in hand

I've been given the gift of openness and the internet (the latter being one I cannot take credit for.) But I will use both to the best of my ability and as a coping mechanism, an outlet, a voice which I intend to use on here and which I call #pizzaglam This was, after all, the beginning of the end because many other changes followed. Not gonna lie, I did get teary-eyed between pictures but I enjoyed, my pizza and champagne This was a day I dared to get out of bed and work through my pain. I did it with integrity and self-love. This is closure and a fresh start in the flesh.

I'll write about how I got here, where I'm at now and what my future plans are. I know I'm not alone in most of these experiences, I look forward to learning from others who may have experienced similar situations. From filing for bankruptcy in my early twenties, to opening my first business at 23, to having my life threatened over a set of eyelash extensions, spending too much, not investing enough in myself. How my relationship with my husband has both been strengthened and tested through these private and at times public struggles. #whoislorenabravo anyway?

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